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Two things to make you a modern leader

It is not certain attributes that makes you as a leader, it is the consistent adaptation of attributes corresponding to the situations that marks you as a leader. Many things are necessary for being a leader. You need to find the simplest solution quicker and give liberty to people to think freely and find a simpler way in addition to mitigating the conflict of interests and driving the whole bunch towards the desired goal.

Two add ons that makes your life easy as a leader are

1. Technology : Daily it will change. But everyday it takes a level in a positive direction. Evolution of technology is a boom. In past, it is in the memories of people. But now they are planted into solid state memories. Tracking and execution made easier and that makes life a easier one. Forget cannot be a reason nowadays for business failure. They make you a leader, if you use them in the way you need. Keep yourself updated with the new technology. Take out your older smart phones throw it away and keep yoursel…

5 Goals every leaders should follow

Leaders can be without success, but not without goals. Goals can be individual or organizational. It can be long or short term. The impact of each goal you carry makes you leader. Goals can be multiple. The achievement of goals is called as success. The outcome of goals are your ladder to grow.

Every leader should atleast have these 10 goals in their carreer, that not only makes them grow but also their team to grow.

A leader is not a leader when he did not create a leader behind him, when he moves forward. A leader in current market environment, should be a great motivator and the greatest learner. He should not only move forward but also make his team to grow forward.

The 5 goals of a leader are

1. Listen : Listen. Listen. Listen. Open your ears i.e, why you have two. Great leaders not only have good oratory skills, they always had the greatest patience to hear what others say. It is the open ears that revolutionized the world.

2. Patience : Keep your anger under control. Keep your anxio…

Success in Leadership

Success the most elusive thing in business. For anyone outside or above, it will be the success that speaks for you. To become a leader you should succeed. But leaders whose focus only on the success will not allow them to grow.

In the market, there are millions coming daily. But leaders have to stand out in that millions, so to stand out and make people realize you are unique, you need success. Success is the visiting card that helps your people to visualize you.

Every field of business, looks for a leader who succeed in a big way. They are only in need of winners. Leaders as they keep on winning they become legend. It is not the one century that makes you a great personality, but it is century of centuries that makes a legend. Legendary leaders are few, but the impact and business they make will be astonishing.

Success will not come as simple as that. It is not about the amount of hard work or smooth work that drives you into success. It is not about a calculation of profit and loss. I…