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Passion -- stays,drive,achieve

A trait of leadership, without this you cannot be a leader or stand as a leader. The passion that you carry, kicks you every morning to complete the task you are asked to hold.

Current business scenario, sucks your blood till late night and wants you to start early. Leaders are not having time to relax completely. There should be something that drives them, the only thing that drives leaders to move forward or atleast to sustain the position they are holding is passion.

Entrepreneurs need there leaders to drive the company towards maximum profits at minimum risks. They ultimately want you to take risks, and win it. Capturing business is the only thing they (company) need. More profit and more opportunities often have more risks, your bosses need you to win almost all the time. But failure is a part of business, once you fail you will be left alone.

Pressures will be more. Tensions cripple you. Health will be at risk. But to keep your identity and to get the required success you need to h…

Seconds -- Time ticks

What a second can do? It ticks and go away. Every thing the world is resulted due to action by the people. Those so called actions are result of thoughts. Those thoughts are out come of human perception of problem that strikes the mind in a second. A thought in a second changes the world.

A second thought is the heart of results. The simplest solution for every problem is the outcome of human's perception of problem and that generates on mind in a second. Life has so many solutions for a single problem. Your mind throws a many to you to decide which path to take. But only a second decides what has to be taken and processed.

Seconds, they build your hours and they are the base for your life. When the base is so strong, ie.,  the moment you plan your base  (seconds) your life turns into what you want and how you want.